10 Hilarious Answers For Question Of The Year “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali”

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‘Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali ? ‘is the most circulated question over the internet no wonder why. The internet went crazy to know the answer of this question and imagined answers by themselves which resulted in these hilarious memes. Do not miss even a single one because the most wanted answer lies in it.

1. Yeah, I admit candy crush requests are quite annoying but not so annoying that one could take someone’s life away.


2. Dear Kattappa, love doesn’t mean marriage.



3. It seems like even Mahesh cant wait to know the answer.

4.Kattappa, Silly you!


5. Dear men, be careful, be very very careful never even try to bat an eye on Kattappa’s daughter.


6. Seems legit!


7. Yeah, everyone’s wondering why


8. It was an unfortunate incident, in other words it was accidental says Rajendra Prasad.



9. You don’t say 😛


10. Let him go akka (sister). Indeed no one knows


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