10 Things That Happened After ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ Released 21 Years Ago

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Hum Aapke Hai Kaun has been the epitome of a family movie ever since it came out. It was funny, it was emotional, Madhuri and Salman looked like the ideal lovers and to top it all, Aloknath was his babuji best in the movie. They perfectly cracked the recipe to a film that is loved by people even after 21 years of its launch.

And after its blockbuster success, the impact of the film was so strong that scenario of households changed to match their favorite movie. How, you ask?

Here’s how:

1. After the successful debut of the cute pomeranian in the movie, Tuffy became a common dog’s name in a lot of houses.


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2. Ladies sangeet functions in the wedding became like a school annual day events with choreographed dances and timed performances.



3. Every guy said this before taking the girl on a ride on his bike or for a drive in his car, “Aaj pehli bar koi ladki humari gaadi ke front seat per baithi hai!”


How many times did this pehli bar happen to you guys? 😉

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4. The jewel-studded purple sari worn by Madhuri Dixit in the movie became a fashion icon and the rip offs were a must have for every fashion conscious woman that time.



5. And it wasn’t just women, the fashion sense of Salman Khan inspired many men and his iconic style became a high sell!

Arre, Prem!!!!


6. The ‘joote churana’ rasm was always there in Indian weddings, after the movie it became a part of the rituals.


I think even the pandit ji must have started saying, “Agli rasam ke liye aap doolhe ke joote chori karein!”

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7. Permed hair was a must have for girls. Doesn’t matter if it suited them or not!


Have you seen Madhuri in that movie? I don’t blame them for trying.


8. Every wedding had a must have song for the bhabhi’s, “Lo chali mein apne devar ki baraat le ke…”


Masi, mami, bua, chachi every relative have danced to this song at one point of time.


9. Be it roadside Romeos or teenage couples, everyone got their flirt-line from this movie, “Uhu-uhu!”


Wouldn’t people be confused if the person is coughing or flirting?

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10. If you ever play Antaakshari, the first song HAS TO be ‘Maye ne maye!’


Why? Because, the movie taught us so. Period!


The bonus point:
Roller skates brought in the Punk in Indian kids.


Kids ate their parents’ head off till they bought them the roller skates. (Been there done that)

There are many ways in which this movie inspired the times. The ideal romance and the timeless music is still fresh in our minds. Thanks Rajshri for giving us this beautiful film. :)

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