10 things to consider if you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day

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So Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’ve decided that this is the perfect day to go down on one knee. Romance? Check. An excuse to go all out on an intimate date? Check. The right person?

You’re also deciding what to say and where to do it. So what else should you consider if you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day?

1. Does your partner like St Valentine’s Day?

People have divided opinions on Valentine’s Day. Does your other half A) love the inherent romance of the day or B) see it as a bloated consumerist sham designed to manipulate people’s emotions for profit. If you answered B, you should probably pick a different date.

2. Don’t expect the date to do all the heavy lifting

Sure, it’s Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you can propose on the couch and expect it to be romantic. You’ve only one shot at this (hopefully) so make it count.

3. Make sure you get the right engagement ring

Don’t leave it until the last moment. It can take time to find the right one, even if you know exactly what they want. Do you want to buy the Big One or just get a token ring for now?

4. Book a restaurant early

Any restaurant worth its salt is likely to be booked out on Valentine’s Day. And if it isn’t, you probably shouldn’t eat there. Or touch any of the surfaces.

5. Privacy could be an issue

 Restaurants tend to be jammed on Valentine’s Day, which isn’t ideal if you’re popping the question and you want a little intimacy. Spilling your heart out can be awkward if you’re touching elbows with the stranger at the next table.

6. Be practical

A romantic picnic might sound like a perfect way to lead up to your proposal but you have to be practical. It’s February. In Ireland, that means you’ll probably spend the entire picnic shivering, wiping your runny nose and trying to defrost the champagne.

7. Try to retain the element of surprise

A proposal on Valentine’s Day? It can be a bit predictable, given the day that’s in it. Be inventive. Be creative. It’s up to you to defy your other half’s expectations. What can you do to inject some surprise into a Valentine’s Day proposal and make it stand out?


8. Think about how to propose…

Plan what you want to say, how you want to do it and where you want to be. Think about how to make it really personal. You know what she wants from a proposal, even if you don’t realise you do. More importantly, you probably know what to avoid so trust your instincts!

9. …but don’t overthink it

You’re not trying to split the atom. So don’t put yourself under loads of pressure or panic if things aren’t going exactly to plan. Breathe and try to relax! Nobody wants their engagement story to involve hyperventilation.

10. Capture the moment on camera

It’s a magical moment so you may want to capture it for posterity. All it takes is a bit of planning and asking a friend or a willing accomplice for help. If you’re planning to propose in a restaurant, you can even ask a member of staff to take a snap at a pre-agreed time. Not only will your new fiance/fiancee be able to share the moment with family or friends on Instagram but it’s also a nice memento for the kids!

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