The Big Picture

In light of the idea of information and visual memory, the show will permit its competitors to win fabulous prize cash by responding to questions. The challengers should accurately respond to twelve visual based inquiries to win the test and will have three life-lines to their guide. In addition, the show is set to such an extent that the competitors can take part, play and win while sitting at the solace of their homes. The buzz about the show has been there since the morning on July 3 after the inventive recordings and photos of the show were delivered on the channel’s online media handles. Fans couldn’t hold themselves back from communicating their fervor for the show and watching their #1 Bollywood star on TV.Meanwhile, In an assertion delivered by Ranveer Singh about his TV adventure, the entertainer said, “In my excursion as a craftsman, the desire to try and investigate has been consistent. Indian film has obviously given me everything – it’s been a stage for me to dominate and grandstand my abilities as an entertainer, and I have been lucky to get enormous love from individuals of India. Presently, I hope to interface with them in a very exceptional and connecting way through my TV debut with Colors’ The Big Picture. The suggestion of acquainting India with a ‘now’ age test show took care of business for me.”

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