This Hong Kong man is offering $180,000,000 to any man willing to marry his daughter yet nobody wants to marry her

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Chinese Business Man Cecil Chao has gained tremendous success in his real estate empire that focuses on the development of luxury high rises and trophy properties in Hong Kong. However, they say money can never buy happiness and that is what exactly is happening to Cecil Chao.

Cecil Chao has a daughter and but there is something special about her, she is not interested in male instead she a lesbian which is absolutely not abnormal for the world but Cecil Chao isn’t happy about his daughter’s choice. He is instead seeking help to turn his daughter into a straight woman. And this man is ready to pay a whopping $180,000,000 any man who is willing to marry his daughter.

However, his money seems not to be enough to convince any man out there. He initially offered $60,000,000 then raised it to $120,000,000 and now he has raised the amount again to $180,000,000.

Since his daughter is a lesbian, every man is hesitating to marry her. But however, we feel her father needs to understand his daughter’s need, rather than forcing her he should encourage her to stand by her choice. Gay and Lesbian are not abnormal people, it is absolutely fine to fall in love with the same gender.

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