17 Things You Really Want To Do But Just Cannot

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There are things you really itch to do, like picking your nose but you cannot when you’re among people because you’re taught to be like that. We always are told to behave ourselves. I don’t behave myself, at least in my head 😛 and there are n number of things I feel like doing which I never do.

Do you feel caged too? Then you’ll totally relate to these.

1. Sometimes you just wanna get drunk and trash people but you cannot because the people you wanna trash are the people you’re drinking with. :p



2. You really wanna be happy for your friends who have been together forever, but you just cannot stop yourself from being driven up the wall by their dastardly cuteness!



3. You really wanna save some money but you cannot because this amazing sale is on! Online shopping, you bitch.



4. You really want to stop subscribing to all those newsletters but you cannot because every time you think of doing that, there’s some really great deal!



5. You really wanna ask that really hot colleague of yours but she has already friend zoned you. And what’s worse? She has bhai zoned you when she told her friends about you/ Beware of the rakhi!



6. You really want to get on top of the table during a meeting and do a belly dance, but….you…just…cannot. 😛



7. You just wanna sleep all day but you cannot because you have work. Don’t worry! you have the keyboard to take revenge on. 😛



8. You really want to park your car in the best parking space of your office but you cannot because coincidentally it’s your boss’ space.



9. You wanna eat all you can but never gain weight. (some very lucky people actually get away with it, though. :()



10. You want the remote on the table to get magically in your hands telepathically but you don’t have the superpowers. 😛



11. You really wanna tell your date that there is something stuck in his/her teeth but cannot jeopardize your chances with them. 😉



12. You really want some space for yourself on the bed but cannot because your girlfriend wants to cuddle.



13. You really wanna try your boyfriend’s watch but you cannot because he’s really territorial about it.



14. You really want to watch the first episode of Sherlock’s latest season but have to wait till Sunday. 😛



15. You really want to see what Tinder is all about, unravel the mystery, but you cannot because you’re already in a loving, committed relationship. :p



16. You really want to resist those french fries which will sit on your hips after you do, but you just CANNOT!



17. You really want to start waking up early and start working out or do yoga, but you cannot because you love your sleep and your bed too much. 😛


Did you relate to any of these?

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